Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parenting Seminar

Join us for a three week parenting series on Sundays at 11AM in room U1. This seminar is intended for both Jr. High and High School parents.
Speakers and Topics
October 17th: Linda Turnbull, Teen Esteem
-Current concerns for youth in our valley
-How parents can strategize now to prepare for later
-What youth wish their parents knew
October 24th: George Papageorge, MFT
Connecting With Our Kids
-Communication killers: Knowing what does not work
-Communication cultivators: The path of growth
-The boundaries balance act
-The heartfelt parenting connection
October 31st: Tim Barley, Family Pastor at VBC
-Building self-respect and respect for others in your teen
-Media influences
-Pornography and the effects
Click here to register. Space is limited.

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