Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Teaching Series

My Life
As a junior high or high school student, you are faced with the same question day in and day out: What do I want MY LIFE to look like? Your family, your relationships, your academics, your sports, your art, your choices - all of these factors determine what your life looks like. But what if God is challenging us to live out HIS LIFE?
What if God is saying to us, “I want you to live MY LIFE, the way of life centered on Me, the way of life filled with abundance”?
The “My Life” series in Student Ministries will highlight practical ways for us to live the life called God has called us to live. We’ll focus on community, worship, missions, the Gospel, and reaching out to people that need to know the love of Jesus Christ.
God is wanting us to live HIS LIFE, the life He designed us to live. And we want to be able to say, as a community, HIS LIFE is MY LIFE.

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